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"Mortgage Meltdown: The Risks of Walking Away"

Summary: Deficiencies and Judgments

Minutes: 1:46

Produced By: MoneyTalks



"Foreclosure Consequences"

Summary: Tax and Credit Score Impact of a Foreclosure

Minutes: 2:48

Produced By: CNN




"Walk Away from Mortgage - Is It A Good Idea?"

Summary: Issues to consider with Foreclosures

Minutes: 3:20

Produced By: Foreclosure Survival Guide



"Foreclosure Hits Unexpected"

Summary: Overview of one person’s home foreclosure.

Minutes: 1:56

Produced By: CBS News



"Mortgage Servoces Secrets"

Summary: How Loan Servicers make money by keeping a home in foreclosure.

Minutes: 4:57

Produced By: Consumer Warning Network